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meta_reznor's Journal

Nine Inch Nerds
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This is a community for analyzing NIN's music, lyrics, and videos, and for discussing Trent Reznor, both as an artist and as a persona. Intelligent disagreement, whether with Trent's artistic decisions or with other members, is not just tolerated but encouraged. At the same time, basic respect is required on both counts.

Community membership is moderated and at the sole discretion of the maintainers.

More information: Anyone can friend this community. You might want to friend the community if you love NIN and like talking about them on levels that transcend: "NIN kicks ass!" and/or "OMG Trent is sooo HAWT!" Not that these statements are not 150% true, but that this is a community for discussing such undeniable facts in pretentious complex and nuanced ways. Many posts are unlocked, and anyone can read and comment.

If you want to be able to read locked posts, or make your own posts, you have to click on "join," and you have to be accepted. If you've tried this but haven't been accepted, it may be because your journal is completely flocked, or because there's nothing in your journal, or some other reason that will forever remain a mystery. To increase your chances of being accepted, if you have an flocked journal you should friend occams_reznor or sushis. Another way to make it more likely you'll be accepted is to jump in and start commenting on existing posts.